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4 ECC dancers get invited to Helsinki International Ballet Competition!!

Congratulations to these four ECC company members for being chosen to represent the USA at the prestigious Helsinki IBC @ibchelsinki in Finland in June!


Twenty-four junior girls and sixteen junior boys ages 15-19 were chosen from all over the world. Our students, who barely made the cut off for age are among these selected along with some of the best talented youth across the world, including professional dancers!


Join me in congratulating the following @eliteclassicalcoaching dancers:

1) Isabella Meier, age 15 @bellammeier

2) Zander Magolnick, age 16 @zandermagolnick

3) Alexei Orohovsky, age 14 (15 by then) @ballet_alexei

4) Anya Donaghy, age 14 (15 by then) @anya.donaghy

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