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Ella Rasin


After 38 years in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ella is as passionate as ever and inspired daily through this amazing and graceful sport. She feels fortunate to have a job working with people, especially kids, and her goal is to teach them the knowledge of sports, using a proven European training system. She loves and appreciates the opportunity to coach young athletes. During her coaching career, she has been instrumental in developing the necessary character, discipline, desire, and skills, in young athletes which are the key qualities of people with great achievements. She understands that each child learns at a different pace and skill level. Her belief is that each child sets their own goals and achieves those goals while having fun and improving their fitness. At Rhythmic Ribbon of Texas we strive to provide students with the knowledge, skills and strength that they need in order to become the best rhythmic gymnast. 




  • National & International competitor

  • USA National Team Coach 

  • Multiple State and Regional champion

  • USAG Texas State Chair

  • A USAG Certified professional member since 1991

  • Safety Certified

  • MSW Degree

  • CPed

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